Training course on Policy Making and Analysis skills

August 1, 2010

Center for Research and Policy Analysis Department of Organization and Personnel, Office of the National Assembly has planned to organize a training course “policy analysis skills serve legislative activity” at the Center for Training and Supply Banking, No. 1 Le Thanh Tong Son, Hai Phong.

The training takes place in 4 days from 10/08/2010 to 13/08/2010 with the participation of 32 students from the service, room, board, and journal center of the headquarters of the political apparatus Date: Office of the National Assembly, Government Office, the Office of the President, Office of the Party Central Committee.

And experienced faculty of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities faculty of parliament and local officials. Through various forms such as interpretation of specialized terms, apply to specific situations, exchanged directly at the school and fact-finding local …, the content of training courses has transmitted a vividly to the students and get the same response to the positive feedback of the participants and organizers. Besides classes, many cultural exchange activities are also organized, bringing youthful, playful, creating intimacy, camaraderie among the students.

Afternoon of 08/12/2010, on behalf of the teaching faculty training, Director of the Center for Research and Policy Analysis summarized the whole course content: students have serious academic spirit, achievement participate directly in exchange sessions; discussions happening simmering, the group has many good ideas, express understanding and have a good content of each session; the organization has facilitated good teaching faculty, students’ learning takes place smoothly.

To the organizers, representatives of the Department of Organization and Personnel Department, Office of the National Assembly summed up the activities organized and course evaluation: trainers have extensive knowledge and enthusiasm; limited class time, not quite enough for the student and faculty exchanges, going into content policy analysis skills; in general, well-organized work, ensuring that students complete the course.

According to preliminary investigation, the participants of the training course content assess practical, useful and appropriate to the needs of working students; students are aware of the importance of policy analysis in legislative activities, grasp the basic content of the course; desire and require training courses with similar content to improve legislative activities. The training ended successfully attended the closing ceremony and degree certificates to the participants of the representatives of the Office of the National Assembly.