Approximately 60% graduated students don’t find a job

November 28, 2011

This is one of important targets on the survey “The evaluation on students jobs from 2009 to 2010” held by the Center for Policy Studies and Analysis belonging to University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU Hanoi) on 9 December 2011. We also analyzed some of the most demanded jobs both locally and in USA, including a case study on the CNA Training in USA and how it interconnects with the demand for nursing jobs.

The graduated students have difficulties in finding jobs.

On the dialogue “Solutions to strengthen the linkage between training and labour market in Vietnam”, many people surprised that most of students after school unsatisfied with their jobs.

According to a survey of 3000 graduated students, there are 26.2% unemployed. And among them, there are 70.8% unsatisfied with their jobs and they want to change their job.
The survey also shows that 46.5% of unemployed students said to have had jobs but unsuccessful. Whereas, 42.9% of students prefer keeping learning as a safe way.

More seriously, most of the students say that they don’t know where to find a job (58.2%), and 42% of students say they are unable to meet the requirement of recruiters.

Besides, another trouble is that 27% of them didn’t find a job because of their majors don’t suitable with the requirement of the labor market.
For lucky employed students, they also had many difficulties in finding a job suitably. For example, 61% of this case said that they were lack of working skills, 42% of them were lack of experience and 32% were lack of specific knowledge.

As shown by the survey, 91% of graduated students evaluated that the training curriculum in current was too much in theory.

Miss Vu Thu Ha, Rector of Hoa Mat Troi psychology application stock company said that: “Most of students recruited must be retrained. It took a long time and wasted our cost for them. This is the reason why some enterprises don’t want to recruit graduated students”.

She said, most of graduated students, especially with distinction certification, they are still vagueous on their job, lack of soft skills and their languages are very bad.

Dr. Trinh Hoa Binh (Sociology Studies Institution) said that: “Vietnam is currently an active economy that needs a lot of employers, especially on the private economics with the large quantity of enterprises.

“We don’t lack of job opportunities but we are lacking of productive graduated students”. In the context of the market economy, if we see graduated students as the products of education system, the needs of customers will be the high quality labors. He added.

What are the solutions for graduated students?

Dr. Dao Thanh Truong, Vice Rector of CEPSTA, USSH said that to overcome this situation, the center implemented a pilot solution that is a soft training course for students.

The center selected 38 senior students based on some criterias: all of them have study result, appearances, skills on language and informatics, and financial situation of their family belong to medium social class. “This is the group which is unlikely to find a job”. He explained.

These students were participated into a course on 6 skills: dertemine the personal value of them, official management skills, build resume and job interview, communicate on working office, dertemine the career goals, build job description table.
Besides, the center made a compared group that included 38 students who have the standard equal or above than the students were learned the course.
The result shows that the rate of graduated students found job in the group were participated into the course is 88.2%, while the rate in the other one is 72%. And the proportion of the trained students found a job in the first month after graduation is 26%, and the number in the compared one is zero.

From the results of the survey, Dr. Dao Thanh Truong proposed: “The experimental result shows that, improving the soft skills in training curriculum is a feasible solution and we can use this as a solution to strengthen the linkage between the labor market and training activity”.

He emphasized that “the soft skill is not a pluripotently solution, it is only a necessary thing and easy to do from the solutions to associated closely training activities with labor market”.

Sharing with Mr. Truong’s viewpoint, Dr Pham Manh Ha, psychology department, USSH, said that “the training skills course needs to be added on the study curriculum and the course need to be taught by professional trainers on skills”.

Representative from recruiters, Miss Vu Thu Ha said that, the training courses should be added on officially curriculum. This helps students complete themselves and this is the way for universities to make their products perfectly, that can be met the needs of labor market.

And Dr. Trinh Hoa Binh proposed that: “The precondition of this change is from the way of training in universities, the universities should train belong to the requirement of the market and the enterprises need to be saw the training facilities as firmly partners