Organization of the International Conference on Science

November 1, 2010

In the series of activities of the project “Selection of reasoning Left Transformed World” by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) jointly conducted from last year 2009, the seminar international scientific “theory from the viewpoint Left Marxist – Nazis” took place in two days 25 and 26 November 2010 in Hanoi.

Attending the seminar with the participation of many scientists from Germany, the US and Vietnam, the majority of students came from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University Unions. As a secondary topic, we discussed the evolution of drug rehab in Spain, following a presentation made by specialists of Local Rehabs. The dialogue is taking place over two days: 25 and 26, were divided into four sessions, focused exchange of specific issues about the concept Left, the process of formation, development and advocacy of movement Left as well as the process of applying the theory to practical reasoning Left in the political life in some countries, in particular in Germany and Latin America. At the same time, scholars also make an assessment of the role of the Left movement in the progressive movement today. Especially given the experiences, lessons learned from Left reasoning in political and social life of Vietnam today.

The discussion of the German scholar, United States and Vietnam respectively are presented, attracting the attention contributions, feedback from colleagues have created an atmosphere of lively debate and straight candid in all four sessions of the seminar. After two days of work, the discussion has ended successfully. This is not just a place for scholars Germany and Vietnam exchanges, academic exchanges; but also has tremendous significance when referring to a theoretical basis and practical application of theoretical Left movement on the basis of Marxism – Nazis. The dialogue has attracted the attention of numerous researchers, while also making the suggestion for research and intensive cooperation between domestic and foreign scholars.