Network dialogue on: Experience Exchange on Policy Research and Training

April 14, 2011
On May 5th 2011, The Center of Policy Studies and Analysis, in coordination with The National Council for Science and Technology Policy organized a network dialogue on: Experience Exchange on Policy Research and Training

More than 40 participants, coming from various Institutes, Universities, Academies, and Research Centers in field of Policy Research and Training in Vietnam and other countries. Aiming at enhancing cooperation and strengthening linkage between Policy Network Members, the dialogue focused on three main topics:

  1. Activities of Network Members
  2. Evaluation of Output, Outcome, Impact of the Network Activities
  3. Identification of Potential Opportunities for Cooperation

Together with attending presentations provided by representatives of Network Members, participants at the dialogue also discussed about plan on network activities.

A concern was raised about the role of university group in the network: “In the develop countries, The university plays an important role because university is the place gathered professors, researchers, and scholars who work on the policy analysis and policy opponent. The number of university and academy in the policy network should be increased”, said Dr. Tran Dinh Huong, Senior Expert of Institute for Legislative Studies. It is emphasized by Accsociate Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Hang, (Chairman of Advisory Board for Science and Training, Dean of Deparment for Social Management) that the network lacks of members from the Governmental and Industrial sector.

A wide range of current strengths as well as weaknesses of the network was discussed by participants. Finally, it was stressed by participants that a clear and detailed MOU should be concludes as a result of the dialogue. Chances for cooperation are of great potential and actions should be taken to realize these opportunities.