About us

We are an autonomous academic research center at the University of Social Sciences. CEPSTA stands for Center for Policy Studies and Analysis and as our name suggests it, we use a multidimensional approach to promote the research regarding policies.

After its creation, CEPSTA developed cutting-edge research capabilities and today it is viewed as one of the main centers in this field. Over its lifespan, the center has aided with local and global policies, established partnerships and research programs and contributed to public knowledge.

Considering the requirements in this field, CEPSTA aims to remain competitive and continue its work at the highest standards. Aiming towards a better world, we take all input and ideas into consideration, whether they come from our own specialists, partners or common citizens.


Our purpose of successfully promoting policy studies can be reached the following way:

  • By reaching out to both academic and professional communities. Representatives of CESTA will be sent to the field to raise the awareness and interest regarding policy making and analysis.
  • By working together with all types of institutions, non-government organizations and academic institution, worldwide to support policy studies in different countries.
  • By making the information about policy research results through a number of ways, especially conferences and publications.
  • By broadening the horizon of members through academic exchange programs. Also, by creating intern openings to offer a chance for those who are interested.


The three main functions CEPSTA are:

  1. Research
  2. Consulting
  3. Training

Which include the following activities:

  • Studies conducted in different areas regarding both the theoretical and practical aspects of policies, policy analysis techniques and other policy related activities.
  • Collaborating with other institutions to conduct thorough experimental research about methods of policy analysis.
  • Giving advice and information about the policy creating processes and policy analysis.
  • Continually expanding the community by creating regular conferences and publishing studies both nationally and internationally.
  • Designing specialized training programs about policy analysis and the steps for policy making.
  • Using the information obtained from studies worldwide and putting it to use in organizations around the world.
  • Designing short-cut training programs specially designed for managers, state management officials or for people who simply wish to further their education.


Here at CEPSTA we fully understand the importance of collaboration with a diverse range of institutions, regarding their fields of activity and especially their geographical location. Only this way will the research results be truly relevant and practical. Currently, CEPSTA has fruitful relations with training and research organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. Also, some of these partners are based in different countries, so there is already a strong network to which we wish to further add connections. There is a reciprocal exchange regarding information and activities regarding policies between CEPSTA and its collaborators. Also, when it comes to international collaborations, exchange programs proved to be quite well received. These programs are open to apprentices, master students and PhD students.